The design of the three-dimensional structures within collection Dekorami from Italian manufacturer Ceramica Vogue. The collection, despite their contemporary language, uses simple geometrical shapes that bring to mind decorative elements from the past.

Dekorami, composed of three patterns measuring 26×26 cm in the colours blue, green, silk and white, stand out for the depth and sheen of the enamels and the silkiness and softness of the matt version, available in white for each pattern. The range is completed with a selection of backgrounds for use with closing listello tiles.

Tiles within this collection reveals a very clear, well-defined identity. The formal simplicity of its signs and the study of colour make this a collection that will not be subject to rapid stylistic obsolescence, particularly well suited for decoration and renovation of historic buildings, but also for interior finishes and façades of contemporary buildings.

Sizes available: 26x26cm; thickness – 10 mm.
Color range: 3 designs –  4 colours with a glossy surface and 1 colour with a satin-finish surface.



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