Atlas Concorde – MARVEL EDGE

With Marvel, the brilliance and expressive power of natural marble becomes the pure substance of a project where any space can be personalized, creating a living environment that is both timeless and completely modern.

Atlas Concorde – MARVEL

The Marvel white-body wall cladding reproduces the most precious stone materials in all their splendour, recreating delicate veining, intense shading and the finest detailing in order to highlight application on inner walls.

Atlas Concorde – AXI

Axi interprets, in a contemporary way, different wood essences enhanced by the natural ravages of time on surfaces rich in intriguing chromatic contrasts.

Atlas Concorde – ETIC

A collection that is a faithful reinterpretation of seven fine wood essences, each with its own tradition, look and charm. Etic is a full-body coloured porcelain stoneware collection that brings the natural fascination of wood to contemporary venues.