Timber/aluminium windows

As the result of combining two different materials we got construction that makes possible to use the newest technological solutions in designing and construction of buildings.

The basic element of the construction is timber which ensures very high heat isolation and creates cosy atmosphere in room. The main task of aluminium is to protect wood from surrounding environment – wind, rain and snow. In addition it increases safety parametres of construction.

Aluminium parts of construction are available in more than 200 colours but wood parts in all colours from RAL catalogue. Wood elements are available in varnish to keep natural look of timber. Wood parts are processed by paint and varnish made on water base providing ecologicaly safe product. For reaching maximal heat insolation and visual effect, different glass combinations are possible. In Standard variant glass constructions are offered with 26-42 mm glass.

All constructions meet the highest requirements of new technologies and quality standards.