Aluminium Windows

Aluminium constructions nowadays are used in construction area as glass supporting framework which lets to create complicated architectural solutions due to its technical qualities. Aluminium as a material combines lightness and rigidness, it is durable and at the same time esthetical that allows 21-st century’s people to live in light and open space.

AILE Group engineers and production professionals have got wide knowledge about aluminium profile systems qualities, they are experienced in developing various solutions in different sizes. AILE group produces full range of aluminium profile systems – doors, windows, facades and elementfacades as well as individual aluminium construction solutions – roofs, winter gardens, interior partitions, handrails, non-standard doors and windows.

AILE uses materials from two the most recognizable suppliers in Europe – Schüco and Wicona.

Most often used Schüco window/door systems:  AWS/ADS 50NI; AWS/ADS 65; AWS/ADS 70; AWS/ADS 75; ASS 50; ASS70HI and their modifications.

Most often used Wicona window/door systems: WICLINE/WICSTYLE 65 evo; WICLINE/WICSTYLE 75 evo; WICSLIDE and their modifications.