Large format tiles

Large format tiles – a solution created especially for modern day requirements. It provides a 100% authentic visual resemblance of the stone and, in terms of technical properties, significantly outperforms the reproducible material.

These extra large porcelain (stone mass) tiles, available in sizes up to 3.20 m. The unique properties of tiles, especially having high durability, antibacterial properties, easy-care surface and a high-quality print, are what make large format tiles an excellent material for finishing of practically any surface.

The technologically advanced solutions from the most prestigious European (mainly Italian) tile manufacturers, provides a durable top quality material. Large format tiles are an excellent solution for kitchen surfaces, walls, floors, furniture finishes, as well as outdoor solutions and ventilated facades.

Key benefits

1. High functionality

These large tiles can be used for floors, walls, terraces, as well as furniture (eg kitchen furniture finishes), creating a unified, completely synchronous overall image. This way the room, regardless of its size, will look much wider and airier.

2. Realistic material effect

Technologically advanced printing provides a perfect interpretation of the textures of currently popular natural materials: marble, terrazzo, metal, onyx, concrete, wooden boards, as well as various stylized prints. Each of the tiles is available in several designs or “faces” with nuanced differences – just as the reference material has. However, unlike the reproducible material, the tiles provide complete design control, so that the visual effect can be repeated between several surfaces, and to be more successfully matched within the desired interior or exterior.

3. Easy care

The large format tile finish on the surfaces is ideal for people with a dynamic lifestyle, parents of small children, as well as pet owners. Tile surface is antibacterial and easy to clean. Laying large format tiles will reduce the amount of seams between them, thus making seam cleaning a total breeze in the future.

4. Long lasting and environmentally friendly

Large format tiles are a very durable finishing material that, appropriately selected and installed, will last a lifetime. They do not absorb moisture, repel stains and are resistant to external influences: scratches, large temperature fluctuations and even fire. In addition, the manufacturers we work with comply with globally recognized sustainability principles and ecological guidelines.

Applications of large format tiles in interior and exterior design

The applicability of large-format tiles is so wide that are easily applied as:

  • kitchen surfaces,
  • furniture finishes (incl. solutions with curved surfaces),
  • the finishes of doors and steps,
  • building façade materials (eg durable and ventilated facades – especially suitable for the European climate),
  • patio floors and other outdoor finishes,

all of them complementing an already well-known application for

  • wall and floor finishes.

Large format tiles up to 3.20m in stock

Take a look at our large-format tile warehouse offer, where You’ll find high-quality materials in a variety of design variations – classic white marble and black marble, concrete, brushed metal and other popular designs. Tiles in high quality and durability are available at special prices starting from 69.90 EUR – in stock at our tile warehouses in Riga and Liepaja.

Get inspired from projects with large format tiles

During our experience in the field for more than 25 years, we have implemented a wide range of projects in the residential, public and commercial sectors, including projects using large format tiles. We invite you to look at a small part of them in the references section – to get valuable ideas for your next project!