Case study: CTB group office in Liepaja

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An ancient port founded in the 13th century overlooks the coast that separates the Baltic Sea from the lagoon of the same name 180 km from Riga. It is the Latvian city of Liepāja, home to more than 80,000 inhabitants, which through its narrow alleys, cathedrals, and pointed roofs conveys the unmistakable taste of the eastern cities.A few steps from the port, the heart of Liepāja’s commercial activities, stands the brand new CTB headquarters, one of the leading companies in the field of civil engineering.

 Designed to also accommodate the workers of two other sister companies, the construction of the new headquarters is part of a broader vision of change that in the last two years has led the company to renew, update and modernize its corporate image.

The architectural project, which also includes the use of porcelain tiles made by Atlas Concorde, covers a total area of ​​1,753 m2 and recalls an expressionist style, an artistic movement popular in the early decades of the 20th century primarily in Germany and that spread to various arts as a reaction to Naturalism and Impressionism.

The fusion of the shapes, colors and the juxtaposition of the materials – all elements that define expressionist architecture – are clearly evident in the modern and irregular three floors of CTB headquarters, created through the combination of monolithic cement and walnut walls with glass constructions.

Bold, vigorous, and rich in details, the ceramic surfaces of Atlas Concorde blend harmoniously in this context creating a unique synergy between reliability and beauty. The earthy strength of stone thus enters the spaces of the Latvian company, through an extremely realistic ceramic interpretation inspired by the look of rare natural stones with unchanging beauty.Veins, shades of colors and specks of materials adorn designer environments where – in tune with the expressionist spirit – a well-defined, solid, and uncompromising personality emerges.

The Brave stone-effect ceramic collection in the dark Coke shade in various formats was chosen and supplied by H&L Studija to furnish the spaces of the new CTB building.