Structural glass-wood entrance door is unique concept where door exterior is fully glazed with black or any RAL tone continuous structural glass that provides linear and flash design reflection on the exterior side. All-glass door concept with the most advanced entrance locking systems and individually sorted handle choice will meet most demanding customer’s needs, taste and requirements.

Advantages and application

Double doors, door with sidelights or entrance door blocks are available in many variations.
This unique door concept will be excellent choice for any modern, avantgarde or futuristic design residential or public building.

Technical information

Opening Type: Outwards open un inwards open
Installation depth (mm): 107, 121 mm
Sash dimensions: Up to 1200 x 3000mm
Door type: structure glass entrance doors

Material: Wood + structural glass
Treshold: Aluminum
Thermal insulation U = up to 0.78 W/m2K


Windows have extensive possibilities for glazing type and thickness of the choice, it is possible to reach different sun protection, sound insulation, personal safety, self-cleaning, self-dimming, painted glass, fire safety, anti-burglar, bird protection, thermal insulation levels.
Technical calculations for statics and wind loads are done for all glazed projects.
More information on glass production available at stiklucentrs.lv



Standard equipment is with 3p lock, satin stainless steel handles, cylinder key on both sides and door wind brake.
Hinges, locks, handles, pull handles (depending on the type of opening) been provided by IPA, PN, GU, MILA-GARANT, ASSA, HOPPE, YALE Doorman and others.
Ventilation: “Trimvent”, “Biobevent”, “Klikventil”; Embellishment: ( grooves, painted hinges and more)

Paint and surface treatment

External structural glass: all colours offered by the RAL, NCS catalogue

Internal wooden part: all colours offered by the RAL, NCS catalogue. Water-based stains and lacquers provide ecological, environment-friendly and natural product look.

Most used wood is finger-jointed pine. Oak, mahogany, sapeli and other wood species can be offered to meet client’s expectations and wishes.

Non-finger-jointed option is available for all types of wood.

Wood is warm, well absorbs sound and provides comfort and warmth to the house, meanwhile aluminium is a modern high-technology product that is particularly resistant to external impact, relatively light and does not add a lot of additional weight to window.