Structual glass-wood window is exclusive line for Alto Nova tilt & turn window range. With a structural glass replacing traditional aluminum cladding, it results in a unique window with linear black or any RAL tone continuous flash glass window on the outside. At the same time on the inside window remains warm natural wooden look. All wood is FSC certified.

Advantages and application

Alto Nova Structural glass product is made to satisfy most challenging architectural requirements, and providing continuous solid glazed area without any aluminium details.

Opening windows achieve up to 3m height and have 3 sealing levels for excellent wind and water tightness and thermal insulation. Windows technical performance and design are suitable for most challenging private houses, residential buildings as well as for public buildings with technically complicated engineering solutions.

Technical information

System Name: structural glass windows by Alto Nova
Profile depth (mm): 107 or 121 mm
Material: Wood + structural glass
Glass: Double or Triple glazed

Thickness of insulating glass unit: 56 mm
Air permeability (EN 1026): Class 4 (classification EN 12207)
Watertightness (EN 1027): E1350 (classification EN 12208)
Resistance to wind loads (EN 12211): Class C5 (classification EN 12210)
Sound: 35 dB Rw+Ctr 

Thermal insulation triple glazed window:
Window: Uw* = 0.86 W/m2K (78mm) Window: Uw* = 0.81 W/m2K (92mm)


Windows have extensive possibilities for glazing type and thickness of the choice, it is possible to reach different sun protection, sound insulation, personal safety, self-cleaning, self-dimming, painted glass, fire safety, anti-burglar, bird protection, thermal insulation levels.
Technical calculations for statics and wind loads are done for all glazed projects.
More information on glass production available at stiklucentrs.lv



Structural glass-wood window have inwards tilt & turn opening, function of the windows is provided by GU, Siegenia or similar hardware suppliers.

Using high-quality hardware allows to develop up to 300+ kg heavy turn or tilt & turn casements.

Windows can be equipped with hardware providing safety class RC1-RC3.

Requirements regarding child-safety can be met using handles with locks or opening restrictors.

Window handles are used from GU and HOPPE assortment. Standard colors for handles are silver and black.

Internal and external window sills can be delivered upon request.

Internal window sills can be made of wood and both internal and external sills are available in all RAL color range. A standard hardware set provide ventilation in tilt position. The turning of window handle in 45° position decreases the pressure in the sealing, thus providing easy and regular circulation of fresh air. However, several other solutions for ventilation equipment are also offered depending on the air circulation and acoustic levels required inside the building. (Trimvent, Biobevent, Klikventil, Duco)

Paint and surface treatment

External structural glass: all colours offered by the RAL, NCS catalogue

Internal wooden part: all colours offered by the RAL, NCS catalogue. Water-based stains and lacquers provide ecological, environment-friendly and natural product look.

Most used wood for windows is finger-jointed pine. Oak, mahogany, sapeli and other wood species can be offered to meet client’s expectations and wishes.

Non-finger-jointed option is available for all types of wood.

Wood is warm, well absorbs sound and provides comfort and warmth to the house, meanwhile aluminium is a modern high-technology product that is particularly resistant to external impact, relatively light and does not add a lot of additional weight to window.